Behaviour Support

A Personalised Approach to Behaviour Support


Our team of behaviour support practitioners are committed to understanding your individual needs and developing evidence-based strategies from a person-centred approach.

Support a reduction in Challenging and/or Harmful Behaviours

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Through evidence-based strategies that are personalised to individual strengths and needs, we work to reduce the frequency and intensity of behaviours of harm or concern to support improved quality of life.

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Reduce Restrictive Practices

Our Positive Behaviour Support Plans work towards reducing and eliminating the use of Restrictive Practices where appropriate.

Positive Behaviour Support Plans for Individuals

At Tedoo, we follow a structured and defined approach to our development of Positive Behaviour support Plans whilst remaining flexible in our approaches to meet individual needs. This considered approach allows us to tailor strategies and support to the individual and their support teams.

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We support individuals and their wider teams to build capacity, develop individual skills and to support a reduction in behaviours of harm or concern and the use of Restrictive Practices.

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We become part of your wider support team

Support teams work best when we all work together. We’ll collaborate with an individuals wider stakeholder group including allied health professionals, education supports, support coordinators, family, and any other support professionals involved as appropriate

By working together towards mutual goals, we make sure the strategies you’re receiving are consistent and are developed from a multidisciplinary approach.

A holistic approach to behaviour support

We work collaboratively across your wider team to ensure a holistic approach to the delivery of Behaviour Supports. We’ll align ourselves with your allied health supports, medical professionals, and family so we can make sure we are working towards the same mutual goals.

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Behaviour Support Assessments

Behaviour Assessments provide a comprehensive review of an individual’s behaviour support needs. Our experienced practitioners will review all relevant information and will administer a number of behaviour and executive functioning assessments to assist in making evidence-based recommendations on behaviour support needs. A review of the use of Restrictive Practices is also undertaken to assist with the recommendations for reasonable and necessary supports. 

These assessments can also assist in guiding recommendations for reasonable and necessary supports now and into the future.

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We're constantly developing our team.

At Tedoo, we have a focus on providing high-quality services. We strive to deliver excellence and it starts with our team. The practitioners at Tedoo prioritise professional development opportunities and regular supervision to ensure that we continue to deliver excellence within the Behaviour Support Practice area.

Why choose Tedoo?

Focus on reducing the use of Regulated Restrictive Practices

Our team will work collaboratively to develop Positive Behaviour Support Plans that support the goal of reducing and eliminating the use of restrictive practices. Our behaviour supports are guided by contemporary, evidence-based practices.

A team committed to you

We’re committed to individuals and their wider support teams. At Tedoo we will build upon your strengths, increase life skills, and support increased opportunities to positively participate in the community. We deliver person-centred Behaviour Support that safeguards your dignity and improves your quality of life.

Delivering Excellence

At Tedoo our practitioners engage in ongoing and regular professional development and supervision. We deliver contemporary evidence based behaviour support that works holistically with you and your team.

We'll come to you

We want to make Behaviour Support accessible to all who need it. So, we have behaviour support practitioners in various locations across Queensland who will come to you where possible.

Training and Implementation

We will provide comprehensive training to your support networks to ensure your Behaviour Supports are implemented to support best outcomes. Tedoo offers a variety of approaches to training and implementation to suit everyone's needs.

Telehealth available

When we can, we’ll give you the option of Telehealth for your appointments. Telehealth provides opportunities to improve access at those times where face to face service delivery is difficult.

Support right across Queensland

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