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NDIS psychologist with a strengths-based approach to Psychology


With a team of experienced and empathetic psychologists, we work with you to develop healthy ways to regulate your emotions and create positive strategies to support you in life. We are a registered NDIS provider for psychology services and we provide holistic psychology supports for all ages, across Queensland.

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Holistic Psychological Care

At Tedoo, our psychologists deliver a holistic approach to therapeutic support. We consider all facets of your life including your physical, social and emotional needs. 

NDIS registered psychology providers

We are an NDIS registered provider for psychology services, which means that we are registered and approved by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to provide psychology services and support to approved NDIS participants. 

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We'll become part of your care team

With your consent we can collaborate with your wider care team. At Tedoo we want to ensure we are supporting your psychological needs in the best way possible.

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A combination of frameworks for healthy thinking.

We always take a person-centred approach to therapy, finding strategies and approaches that work for you. Our psychologists are experienced in a variety of therapeutic frameworks to support your mental health goals.

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Therapeutic supports to meet your needs

There’s a lot of value in different psychological frameworks and techniques. But at Tedoo, it’s not just about the type of therapy we provide. It’s about actively listening, connecting and developing positive therapeutic relationships.

Providing you with a safe space where you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with us is the priority.

Your mental health and overall wellbeing is important to us. We care deeply about providing you with the therapeutic supports and NDIS registered psychology services that you need to feel your best. 

We support you to build healthier relationships with yourself and others.

With telehealth sessions available and psychologists within our team located in multiple locations across Queensland, it’s easy to access our psychological services. We are committed to supporting you to keep your mental health at its strongest with our flexible and holistic services.


Build stronger connections

Your relationships are important and we want to make sure you have the support to foster healthy relationships in your life. Our psychologists work with you to develop positive strategies, and we support you to create and nurture healthy, positive relationships.

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Grow your confidence with strengths-based therapy

By getting to know you, your interests, and your strengths, we provide positive, strengths-based therapy. We provide evidence-based strategies and the support to help you grow your confidence, manage your emotional responses, and enjoy an improved quality of life.

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Why choose Tedoo?

A focus on evidence-based support matched with care

Our psychologists work to understand your goals and needs; then, we deliver evidence-based interventions to work towards meeting these goals.

A strengths-based approach to help you grow

We believe in building on your strengths. We’re here to inspire healthy change and growth with psychology support that builds on what you're proud of.

We'll come to you

Good mental health is so important for your quality of life. So it’s important to us that the right psychological support is available to everyone. We have psychologists across various locations in Queensland, so we can come to you where possible.

Telehealth available

Making it to appointments can be challenging. When we can, we’ll give you the option of Telehealth for your appointments.

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Support right across Queensland

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