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Insights from Tedoo Clinicians: Reflecting on the APS Symposium in Wellington (19 May – 21 May 2023)


The recent APS Symposium held in Wellington, New Zealand was an enriching and enlightening event that brought together professionals, researchers, and experts in the field of psychology. With a focus on “Exploring Trauma and Investigating Neurodiversity,” the symposium offered a platform to delve into various topics and gain valuable insights. In this blog post, we will highlight the participation of Tedoo clinicians, who attended the symposium in person, and provide an overview of some of the captivating workshops and sessions they had the opportunity to experience.

Tedoo Clinicians at the APS Symposium

Four dedicated Tedoo clinicians had the privilege of attending the APS Symposium in Wellington. Led by Jodie, the owner/operator of Tedoo, these clinicians were excited to engage with like-minded professionals and contribute to the collective effort of advancing psychological practices. They eagerly immersed themselves in the wealth of knowledge and expertise shared during the event.

behaviour support clinician jodie

Jodie Logan (AHPRA Registration: PSY0001756127)

Founder & Director | Psychologist & Behaviour Support Practitioner


  • Bachelor of Teaching
  • Graduate Diploma Psychology
  • Post Graduate Diploma Psychology
  • Certificate Forensic Mental Health
  • IABA
  • AHPRA Registration: PSY0001756127
behaviour support clinician guy

Guy Mapley (AHPRA Registration Provisional Psychologist: PSY0002628210)

Provisional Psychologist & Behaviour Support Practitioner


  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology Major)
  • Graduate Diploma Psychology
  • AHPRA Registration Provisional Psychologist: PSY0002628210
behaviour support clinician evan

Evan Francis (AHPRA Registration Provisional Psychologist: PSY0002585296)

Provisional Psychologist & Behaviour Support Practitioner


  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology Advanced
  • AHPRA Registration Provisional Psychologist: PSY0002585296
Kiaya Armstrong AHPRA Registration Provisional Psychologist

Kiaya Armstrong (AHPRA Registration Provisional Psychologist: PSY0002470317)

Provisional Psychologist & Behaviour Support Practitioner


  • Bachelor of Science with Honours
  • AHPRA Registration Provisional Psychologist: PSY0002470317

Engaging Workshops and Sessions

The Tedoo clinicians had the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of workshops and sessions, including:

“Schema Therapy: The fundamentals for early-career clinical psychologists and clinical psychology registrars”: This session provided valuable insights into the foundations of Schema Therapy and its application in clinical practice.

“Can we treat PTSD better than we currently do?”: Exploring innovative approaches to treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and discussing advancements in evidence-based interventions.

“Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander survivors of child sexual abuse”: A session that shed light on culturally sensitive approaches to supporting Indigenous survivors of child sexual abuse, emphasizing the importance of trauma-informed care.

“Integrating Suicide Prevention in Schools, Communities and Organizations – Implementation by Design”: Addressing the critical issue of suicide prevention and exploring strategies for integrating effective prevention measures in various settings.

“Margaret Ross I Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy – Possibilities, problems, and the profound”: A thought-provoking session that delved into the emerging field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and its potential applications in therapeutic settings.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of workshops and sessions that the Tedoo clinicians had the privilege of attending during the APS Symposium in Wellington. Each session provided unique insights, fostered thought-provoking discussions, and enriched the clinicians’ professional knowledge and expertise.

psychologists and behaviour clinicians attending a conference


The APS Symposium in Wellington was an exceptional event that brought together professionals from various disciplines to explore trauma, investigate neurodiversity, and share valuable insights. The participation of Tedoo clinicians, led by Jodie, allowed for a collaborative exchange of ideas, promoting person-centred approaches, and improving the quality of life for individuals. By engaging in workshops and sessions on various topics, the clinicians gained valuable knowledge to enhance their clinical practice and make a positive impact in the lives of those they support. The APS Symposium served as a platform for continuous learning, networking, and professional growth, reinforcing Tedoo’s commitment to excellence in psychological support.